Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to sign up with a full team or can I join alone and be placed on a team?
Players can sign up a full team or as a Free Agent and be placed on a team

Can I play for more than one team per night?
Yes, so long as they are in different divisions

I haven’t played in years, and am a bit out of form. Is that Ok?
That is just fine and encouraged. We have several different divisions and will place you on a team that is most fitting for you. Its just a bunch of good people trying to get a good run in.

What is the level like?
There are several different divisions so it varies from rec beginner to very experienced.

If I want to be placed on a the same team with a friend is that possible?
Yes, just send us the specific names and we will be sure to place you together.

Are there team practices?
Teams are guaranteed a game a week. Some teams choose to practice on their own but that is done outside of the DirectKix League

Is everyone welcome to DirectKix Social Events or is it closed only to DK members?
The more the merrier. We encourage you bring friends and family to enjoy the festivities.

Can I market or promote my business to DirectKix members?
We have sponsorship packages available that can benefit any local business. Contact us for details